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Why Choose Us

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  • Real World Change Management Expertise

    What we do, when it really comes down to it, is make a difference. Alongside staff, managers, patients, service users and the public, we create original solutions for maximum impact, and for more than a decade, we’ve been central to cultural, people, system and process changes.


    So, when senior managers need to implement difficult or unpopular change (or need bucket loads of creativity and resilience), it’s us that they call to make it happen. And we do.

  • Frontline Public Sector Experience

    It’s one thing to consult the public sector, it’s quite another to have lived and worked in it. Our founder, Antony Nelson, began his career in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist.


    This first-hand knowledge places him closer to our clients – to the problems and opportunities – the stresses and strains of the public sector.

Ready for change? Whether it’s cultural, people, system or process change that needs to take place, we can help your organisation flourish. We only deliver straight talking, practical advice about the real-world results that will be seen and felt on the frontline.
Unlocking potential in people and their organisations is why clients choose to work with us again and again. This is about co-production and co-creation of services and solutions that meet the needs of the individuals and communities you serve.
Award-winning, hands-on project and programme management services that help you understand, plan and deliver the outcomes you’re aiming for.
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